March Aquamarines

March... I know it's been said more than once, but I still can't get over that it's a new year, let alone that it's already the 3rd month of it.  Oy.  March. 

February and December are my favorite months because I always get to make a lot of gifts for you all, and being "in" on a surprise is so stinkin' much fun.  LOVE it.  This February was the first in which I really had any kind of surge for Valentine's orders and it really tickled me.  So, to all of you that gifted a sweetie or a friend, I hope they loved the surprise and thanks for letting me in on it. 

Now that it's already MARCH (srsly), I'm trying to get my brain wrapped around not just the calendar change, but the month's birthstone as well.  Aquamarine has been a funny gemstone for me, because I didn't really "get" it when I first started working with them.  It always seemed too pale, and finding high quality stones was always so tough.  Admittedly, it is still tough to find really high quality aquamarines (which is why I ADORE the 3 carat sparkler that's set into my filigree ring), but I finally realize why people love this stone so much, and, of course, now so do I.  Aquamarine stands out to me because of how ethereal it is - it's pale, sure, but it's color is so even and delicate, and it has such a beautiful and brilliant sparkle, that it always ends up looking more like stardust than like a gemstone. 

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