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April is upon us!  As you might have noticed, I've made a commitment to blogging at least monthly.  This is a herculean slog.  Some of you may sneeze and find yourself with an accidental blog post, but, sadly, my sneezes come with different results.  Normally, I would use the birthstone du mois as a point of subject (diamonds, omg!), but the beauteous weather is seeping into my brain and leaving me yearning for dirt and renewed growth and my ROSES (also it is leaving me with a sense of impending doom for summer is soon to follow).  For those of you without the same compulsions, obligatory diamond links DO follow - just scroll to the bottom.

Winter was a whopper this year for those who get it, and while the weather here in the desert was more well-behaved, there's something important about marking the change of seasons to my cro-magnon brain.  For me, it's time to mentally get ready to weather the heat, it's time to get the garden ready to weather the heat, it's time to get the house ready to weather the heat, and that rule is basically all-applicable upon reflection.  Welcome to Phoenix!  The city that would smite you from this earth, were it not for human tenacity and ingenuity!  So, the order of the month is shade trees, shade-screens, sunscreen (spf 10 to the 30th power), and a teeny bikini for the pool (irony, thy name is human fashion).  It means giving the tomatoes more water, and try, trying again to stay hydrated.  Most importantly, and most challengingly (of course), it also means that I will need to renew the self-discipline upon which my productivity and creativity for this season hinge.  I have some new plans and new thoughts and new garden munchies (purple pole beans!  edamame!  artichokes!), and this new design to get things started the right way:

I loves it and have plans.  Grand plans.  Turquoise plans and opal plans and maybe a few more. 

Until then, my dears, I hope your spring is being a perfect little lamb.  Shine bright like a diamond, and all that:

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