Deep Blue Opal Ring in 14K Gold

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This gold opal ring is a study in contrasts of color and texture. The shimmering blue opal reminds me of clear, emerald blue waters and the bright gold and sterling bubbles on the side remind me of sea foam. The opal is set in a flat and low angular bezel, but it is contrasted by the round free-form opal and the round bubbles of different sizes and metals, as well as by the twisting gold strands of the ring band. Just delicious.

Ready to ship in size 6. If ordering another size, allow 2-4 days for production and contact me to discuss alternative opals (they're great stones). The opal and bubbles are 13mm tall and 11mm wide. The ring band is just 1.3mm wide - thin and light and comfortable. The back is stamped with 14K and a lotus flower. Three of the baubles are made from fine silver and the middle gold bauble is made from 10Kt gold. The rest of the ring is 14Kt.



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