Ginkgo Turquoise and Silver Necklace

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A little lime green inlaid ginkgo leaf that is so delightful is suspended on a sterling silver omega chain. Before resting there, the ginkgo was designed and hand-carved in wax, was hand-poured at the caster's, was polished to a high-shine, and had hand-ground turquoise (for the dark green) or magnesite (light) stones inlaid into its body. After that, the inlay was ground flush to the leaf, leaving a soft, matte texture on the front of the leaf. Such an elaborate process for such an effortless style! 

The ginkgo is threaded on an 16 or 18" omega chain. The ginkgo is just over 1" tall, 1" wide and 3-5mm thick. The chain is 1.35mm wide. Send me a note if you've any questions about the piece.



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