Blue Patina Aged Necklace

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These elegant tube necklaces have been painstakingly aged with a turquoise blue patina - a process that takes a week for each tube and creates an utterly unique and compelling collection of textures and colors. Each necklace and each batch is unique - shaped by humidity, exposure time, and the way that the patina sits on the metal. A bright sterling silver double rope chain contrasts the lovely blue of the patina. The undersides allow just a little bit of the darkened metal underneath to peek through.

This is a limited edition run. After the patina process, the tubes are sealed to slow the patination process. That said, patina is on-going, which means that your necklace will very slowly continue to change over its lifespan. Just as each necklace will have a unique patina when you receive it, each will also age slightly differently.

The tube is 3mm wide and about 3" long. Total necklace length is 18".



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