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Lotus Stone Jewelry's line of Ophelia cuffs are custom sized, hand-hammered, and are individually crafted for each order.  Just like faceting a gem, the hammered texture makes the cuffs brilliant, sparkling, and eye-catching.  The thinnest Ophelia cuffs measure in at about 2mm, the regular/medium sized cuffs are about 3mm, and these wide ones are a full 4-4.5mm wide.   These widest cuffs will make a fabulous statement alone, and when paired with other cuffs from the Ophelia Collection will look even more stunning.  Sturdy, strong, and bold, these sterling silver cuffs are just delightful.

Select "Other" for size if you'd like to send your size later or if you'd like to send an exact wrist measurement. Additional information can be included in the Notes box at checkout. Please note that conflicting or missing information may delay your order.

Size to Wrist Measurement

XS - 5.5" // S - 6" // M - 6.5" // L - 7" // XL - 7.5"

Your wrist measurement is a snug measurement of your wrist circumference - your cuff will be looser than your wrist measurement.



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