Shadowbox Cast Bronze Desert Mesquite Seed Pods

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I'm in love with the desert, its vulnerability, and its strange beauty. I've spent this year searching for ways to bring those qualities to jewelry, starting with the cactus spines, and ending with these mesquite pods. They're cast in bronze and then painstakingly patinaed deep greens, blues, and teals over the course of a week for each pod. Each one is individually cast from a single pod, never again to be duplicated, which is why each is numbered. Their numbers are embossed on the cotton paper that frames them, and they are also numbered on the back with artist signature. These pods are mounted directly onto a shadowbox and are elevated from the back of the box to create a floating illusion. I've secured a matching brass chain around the sides of the box for easy hanging.

Though they remind me a bit of pea pods, these pods are from the mesquite tree, which is native to the Sonoran desert and essential to life here. These very pods were ground into a crucial flour for native peoples and which is still used today for baking and cooking. The trees act as nurse plants for small nascent cacti, that aren't yet prepared for the intense desert sun.

The pods that I've cast range from 2-4" long, and are about 1/2" wide. I've hand selected each one and hope that you'll find their beauty just as satisfying and remarkable as I do. The patinaed pods are sealed, but the bronze pods are unsealed, so their color will slowly deepen and get richer over time.



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