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Tiny Gold Star Ornament with Tiny Heart

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Production Time: 1-3 days

I love the the sweet simplicity of stars on a Christmas tree. These are teeny tiny, but have hammered details which help them to catch and reflect the light in the most beautiful way. Plus they're made in a nice thick gold filled, which won't ever tarnish and will always stay bright and strong.

These come with the option of having them with and without the center heart, and can be customized with initials and the year. They'd make a perfect constellation, whether added to annually, or purchased all at once. *Please note: if you purchase a set of 6 with personalization, only ONE star will be stamped. If you want additional stars stamped, please send me a note in advance so that I can give you a quote.


Choose from 3 characters in the two circled spaces (if you want it to be an annual ornament with the year on it, that would count as 2 of your characters). Let me know what characters you want in the Notes box at checkout. 



Recycled metal, in this case, is gold and silver that has been reclaimed from jewelry that is at the end of its useful life OR from metal that is left over from the silversmithing process (everything from tiny silver dust to excess wire). Recycled metals reduce the impact of mining while preserving the quality of your jewelry. Recycled metal does not mean that it is inferior in any way - it's not plated, a lower karat quality, or hollow. Exactly the same, just cleaner and more ethical.