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LSJ Workshop

Workshop Registration - Search Optimization for Your Etsy Shop

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Join me, Kristen Briggs, for a webinar workshop with the latest recommendations from Etsy HQ. This webinar is designed for Etsy sellers who want to apply budget-friendly changes to their Titles, Tags, About, and other Shop Sections to increase their visibility in Etsy Search.


Interested in a personalized shop review? I'll help you to prioritize what steps to take for *your shop*, and offer industry-specific tips and suggestions. Reviews will be sent in a follow up email within 7 days of checkout.

The workshop is 60 minutes, with some questions and a shop review that brings it to 80 minutes total. The video and slides will be made available to you via Google Drive within 24 hours of checkout. 

While Etsy is closely related to the production of this workshop, the opinions, experience, and reviews are all my own. Etsy invited me to participate in a series of intensive trainings with HQ, lovingly referred to as Etsy U, which means they are providing me with some excellent insight, but I'm not an Etsy employee.

Questions? Use the menu above to contact me! I'd love to chat. :D


***Please note that Listing Review Add-On for Second Shop should only be purchased if you want reviews for two different shops and have already purchased the Premier Registration for your first shop OR checked out with Basic Registration and decided that you wanted that shop review after all. ***





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