Lotus Stone Jewelry was born from a desire to make meaningful jewelry that brings happiness and beauty to the lives of women throughout the world. LSJ is lovingly hand-crafted, feminine and timeless. It features natural gemstones, ecologically-sourced metals, and clean, elegant designs that effortlessly bring out confidence, grace and glamour. LSJ is all about personal sizing, customizable finishes, and designs that highlight YOU. 

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Kristen Briggs started Lotus Stone Jewelry in 2009. Her art is inspired by the strength and form of the desert; by the succulents that stack by segments and pads year after year, in spite of relentless and harsh conditions. Her spine collection takes a single form – that of a compass barrel cactus spine – repeating and rearranging it into shapes that honor the beauty and vulnerability of the human body and the Sonoran Desert. Kristen can frequently be found on a mountain admiring all of its prickly residents. She is a mama to two kids, and is a total bookworm.

The Team

  • Mel

    Mel is the kind and funny glue that holds LSJ together, the patient wearer-of-many-hats, the queen of last-minute saves. Mel's silversmithing work draws on the weird, kitch, and macabre. She's a huge Godzilla fan, celebrator of boobies, and doggie mom to Mr. Denmark von Partypants. She loves weekend escapes to the eclectic small towns around AZ. Get this gal some coffee! 

  • Hayley

    Hayley is the engineer of the group - always ready with brilliant solutions and processes to improve our smithing. She is also the phantom who is always ready with googly eyes for motors, hammers, and plant pots, so you'd best watch your boots. Her favorite projects are impossibilities that make her laugh. Outlandish snack enthusiast.

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