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Production All Lotus Stone Jewelry designs are made by hand every step of the way in my Phoenix studio. This means my turn-around is usually just 1-2 weeks! On occasion, certain designs will require more time and I'll contact you ASAP. To make my jewelry, I will manipulate raw metal sheet and wire with hammers, saws, and a torch; I will carve designs in wax and cast them in silver or 14K; and I do all of my polishing and stone setting by hand here in the studio. This allows me to ensure the highest quality while still preserving the character of handmade jewelry.

Materials All of my metals are recycled or ecologically sourced. Yay! I use and love gold fill, which is a version of gold plating where a thick layer of 14K has been chemically bonded to the inner brass core, meaning that it won't flake or wear thin and will effectively behave just like solid 14K over time, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Me Hi! I'm Kristen Briggs. I love hiking, reading, and travelling. Knitting is pretty great, too. I have a cat and a kid. I'm intensely proud of Lotus Stone Jewelry. I started LSJ almost 10 years ago while an arts program student. LSJ was born out of a desire for jewelry that could be worn and loved everyday and jewelry that had character. These days with my designs, I find myself celebrating my desert and the amazing women I know.

Please contact me with questions or to place an order at kristen@lotusstonejewelry.com or via the contact form below. Invoicing is available via Lotusstonejewelry.com, Paypal, and Etsy Wholesale. Thanks!!

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