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Lotus Stone Design, LLC

Gold Headband with Herkimer Diamonds

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Production Time: 2-5 days

This thin elegant gold headband features a small cluster of herkimer diamonds. The stones are wrapped so that they are organic in appearance, like a natural little growing cluster of crystals, and they're moveable! Center them at the top for a tiara flair, or move them to the side to complement any style. This little headband might be skinny, but it catches the light and glimmers beautifully.

Herkimer diamonds are naturally occurring quartz stones that have a consistent 18-facet shape. They're bright and beautiful and these particular herkimers are stunning. The headband is one size fits most and can easily be readjusted so that it is comfortable for you. The herkimer cluster is about .75 inches long. The headband body is bronze and 1.5mm wide. The herkimers are wrapped in gold fill.


Bronze // Herkimer diamonds // 14k gold fill


Recycled metal, in this case, is gold and silver that has been reclaimed from jewelry that is at the end of its useful life OR from metal that is left over from the silversmithing process (everything from tiny silver dust to excess wire). Recycled metals reduce the impact of mining while preserving the quality of your jewelry. Recycled metal does not mean that it is inferior in any way - it's not plated, a lower karat quality, or hollow. Exactly the same, just cleaner and more ethical.