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LSJ Capsule

Nature-Loving Style Capsule Collection

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Mix and match with pieces that are sure to be winners for the eco-friendly nature-lover, starting with the cactus spine rings. The cactus spine ring is cast from a real compass barrel cactus spine and has such a compelling texture and shape to it. So modern and sculptural.

Next in the collection is the herkimer studs, and the nearly indestructible wide matte cuff.  

While the herkimer studs can handle some serious wear, I have a soft spot for the simple ball studs, so they round out this collection. They're so light and effortless - the kind of piece that you can really live in while still enjoying just a tiny pop of sparkle.  While most of the gold collection is gold filled, these are solid 14K. 

Everything is tucked into a lovely travel case for easy presentation, storage, and, of course, travel.  


Usually, I'd make additional recommendations here, except that all of LSJ's line is eco-friendly and much of it draws its inspiration from nature. I particularly love the amethyst studs but the rest of the succulent and cactus spine collection is worth a look as well. 



Recycled metal, in this case, is gold and silver that has been reclaimed from jewelry that is at the end of its useful life OR from metal that is left over from the silversmithing process (everything from tiny silver dust to excess wire). Recycled metals reduce the impact of mining while preserving the quality of your jewelry. Recycled metal does not mean that it is inferior in any way - it's not plated, a lower karat quality, or hollow. Exactly the same, just cleaner and more ethical.