Stunning Gemstone Threader Earrings

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These stunning gold threader earrings feature pretty faceted gemstones - natural and genuine sapphire, ruby, amethyst, pink topaz, turquoise, and green amethyst. I've paired them with 14K gold filled threader chains, which bring a movement and swing to them that is enchanting. Everything about these earrings catch the light and everything shines - they're just stunning, and they're a very limited edition.

They're just over 3.5" in length, so they're around 2" when threaded through your ears. The stone and connecting ring are right around .5" long.

The sapphire stones are around 11 cts per pair, 12mm.
The rubies are 8cts per pair, 10mm.
Pink topaz stones are 6cts per pair, 10mm.
Purple and green amethyst stones are 3 cts per pair, 8mm.
Turquoise stones are 3 cts per pair, 10mm tall.



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