PHX Art Detour

It's a quiet Sunday night here at Casa Jewelry, which is leaving me time to type, reflect, stretch and rest, and thank goodness, because I just had a fantastic, busy, excellent weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday at the Unexpected Gallery sharing my work with everyone passing through with the Art Detour. Art Detour is a city-wide celebration of art, and includes stops at established galleries as well as temporary installations and events.

The current show at Unexpected features and supports the Neon Club at ASU, which meant art, lessons, and demonstrations in glassblowing and neon sign making. (Awesome). It also meant art, artists, patrons, new businesses, handcrafters, group mindfulness and meditation, laser shows, performance art, a giant geodesic hookah lounge... it was all there. Which is to say, that, even though it was a lot of hours in the car and on my feet, I feel rejuvenated and energized and motivated. Let's hope I feel so inspired Monday morning. Ha!

Come by for more photos and musings.

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