Giving Back

Kristen at her bench

Our appearance is the first glimpse we give to our personality, our passions, our dreams. Creating an image of confidence, self-love, and brilliance is important to our success in our relationships and our pursuits. I LOVE creating personalized jewelry that honors the family, accomplishments, and milestones that are dear to you, my customers.

I started Lotus Stone Jewelry from a desire to make meaningful jewelry that brings happiness and beauty to the lives of women throughout the world. I want this for all women. To help bring the world closer to that goal, Lotus Stone Jewelry gives a portion of sales to causes that uplift women and children throughout the world.

We have donated $5027, which has provided:

Uniforms and school supplies for 40 girls through CAMFED International,

7770 meals to families in need through Feeding America, and 

Complete prenatal and postpartum care for one woman through Every Mother Counts.

It is my hope that we will be able to do this and more for many years to come. We couldn't do this without you and your support - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.