Sultry quartz

There's something about the transition to the fall that always catches me and surprises me.  Here in the desert, we're just starting to feel free from the heat, so it's a bit like spring - time to go outside, to plant, to breathe some fresh air after being stuck inside all summer.  We open the windows and air out the house, turn on the fans at night and stay up for hours listening to the crickets and the owls.  The cat eschews the bed for an open window ledge.  Even the coyotes are less restless, quieter, and content. 

In the rest of the country, the nights are getting colder, and summer's complete abandon is slowly being replaced with the preparedness of fall - back to school, back to a chill at night that requires a sweater, back to hiding acorns, and back to pumpkin spice everything.  It means new orders, and new connections. 

Last month, I helped Karen "find" her favorite ring that was stolen by remaking it.  I liked it so much that I made a sister ring very similar to it (above), and everything about that ring says fall (also, pumpkin spice latte promo shoot with matching boots and a Harry Potter scarf, or something like that).  It's the newest addition to my rings

While you're enjoying your fall-flavored frappe, I'll be getting one more round of dirt under my nails in the garden before winter hits.  Here's to fall.

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