COVID-19 Updates

*This will be checked daily and updated as needed*

Hello from LSJ HQ! YES - we are fulfilling orders! Mail is a *little* more erratic than usual, so I would recommend getting any Mother's Day orders in by May 4th. May 5th for Priority shipping.

All LSJ staff are working remotely, isolating with their families, and following CDC guidelines. All jewelry is thoroughly washed, handled with gloves, and packaged with care, as always. 

We are taking our health and the health of our families and communities seriously. We don't have any kid care, so we're all working slightly strange, very flexible hours. We're keeping our usual production deadlines, but you might get emails and updates at any old hour as a result. 

Take care of yourself! We're thinking of you and look forward to connecting (remotely!). 

P.S. Our gloves are ones that we already had for our own (necessary) protection in the studio. We are being very cautious about what PPE we do and don't use (and reuse) so as to not threaten medical supplies while still making sure that we don't inadvertently take up hospital space due to needless risk-taking in the studio. 

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