Wide Hold Hoops 1.5 Inches Lotus Stone Jewelry

COVID-19 Updates

 Hello from LSJ HQ! YES - we are fulfilling orders!

The LSJ team is working remotely, isolating with their families, and following CDC guidelines. All jewelry is thoroughly washed, handled with gloves, and packaged with care, as always. 

We are taking our health, the health of our families, the health of our customers and everyone’s communities seriously. We're keeping our usual production deadlines, but we're all working flexible (slightly strange) hours, so you might get emails and updates at any old hour as a result. 

Take care of yourself! We're thinking of you and look forward to connecting (remotely!). 

Kristen Signature Lotus Stone Jewelry

P.S. SHIPPING INFO: In general orders are being delivered without delay! That said, with the surge in delivery demand across providers (USPS, UPS, and FedEx), we have seen an increase in packages that do get sidetracked or delayed. If you need an order urgently, I might encourage you to upgrade to Priority shipping at checkout just to be safe. Again, the vast majority of our orders are delivered uneventfully, but I would rather you be able to make informed decisions based on what we've seen here. In general, International deliveries are arriving in 1-4 weeks, but a few are also experiencing exceptional delays once the package arrives in the destination country's customs office. If you have any concerns, I would encourage you to either contact me about shipping upgrades (expect 45-60USD) or to call your local post office or customs office for current estimates. 

 P.P.E. The personal protective equipment that Lotus Stone Jewelry uses in the preparation of our products is necessary for the health and safety of our team. We have been careful to use our PPE responsibly, with an emphasis on conservation across its useful life, so that more PPE remains available for healthcare providers working directly with COVID patients.

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