Custom Cluster Ring with December Birthstones

Tanzanite Cluster Ring
A client approached me looking for a ring to celebrate the birth of a third baby, but, beyond the December birthstone and an overall dainty look, they weren't sure what they wanted. I suggested that we consider using 5 stones, since they were a family of 5, all of them December birthstones to honor the new baby. December's birthstones are blue zircon, turquoise and blue topaz (and occasionally tanzanite, which we did NOT omit). 
The designs that I submitted were a simple line of tiny gems, almost like an anniversary band, or a cluster ring, like the one above. So we played and sketched and photographed a million different cuts, shapes, and varieties of gemstones until it was just right, at which point the fun started and I got to get out my tools. I hand-shaped the band, tapering and rounding for a perfect fit, and I built the stone settings. This one is particularly tricky because there are so many different moving parts, so it meant soldering slowly, in stages, and very carefully, since there are pieces that are very tiny and pieces that are much heavier (the tiny pieces can melt if they get too much heat, but nothing with solder if the large pieces don't get hot enough. That balance is my absolute FAVORITE to maintain and achieve. Love it!). After all of that, it's time to clean the piece and set the stones. 
Cluster ring
(Top row of tiny stones is zircon, tanzanite, and zircon, the larger trillion 3-sided stone is London Blue Topaz, and the larger round stone is tanzanite)
I love the freeform design, the organic feel, I love the way it's so cohesive, but so profoundly interesting and beautiful. I love that we have two larger stones for mom and dad, and three little stones for their little ones. We kept all of the stones December birthstones, but I would love to recreate something like this with a birthstone that is unique to each member of the family. Birthstones are so perfect for cluster designs like this one, I think, because there's so much flexibility and so many ways to make the designs work. 
Low profile cluster ring from the side
Low profile cluster ring, in profile (ha!). Makers mark and carat stamp in background.
I loved making the ring and cannot wait to share my next custom project with you! 

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