Honoring an Heirloom Ruby

Stephanie approached me with an old beauty of a ring - it had a heavily oxidized thin wavy band with twin 8mm stones, one of which had been removed and set into another ring, the other which was a muted red. The ring was plainly well-loved. The oxidization from years of wear and a long life told me as much, as did the dirt build up that had stolen the stone of its fire. 

The request was to keep the stone and give it its own setting, one that was low-profile and modern, and one that was inspired by my peridot stacking ring and another criss-cross design that Stephanie had found online. Here were my inspiration images:

Stephanie wanted to ditch the diamonds, so we kept the twisted bands, which bring extra sparkle and glam to the design, and she liked the protective setting of the peridot ring, not to mention the nice low profile. Once I'd cleaned the ruby, it was almost blinding- it's hard to remember how tired looking the stone was when it came through my door in comparison to this blazing beauty!

Do you love the way the details came together? The feminine twisted bands, the bright beautiful stone (also feminine), and the very compelling design that still manages to have a functional, low profile... So satisfying. 

Do you have a stone that is precious to you and are thinking of having a ring, earrings, or necklace built from it? I'd love to hear about it.

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