Lotus Stone Jewelry stands for quality jewelry, timeless design, and exceptional customer care. We believe that jewelry should be nickel-free, eco-friendly, waterproof and sweat-proof. We know that precious metals and smithing by hand creates a product that is uniquely beautiful and increasingly rare. We know you'll find something here that's a perfect fit.


    Thanks for visiting Lotus Stone Jewelry's HQ. If you're looking for help with an order, more info about gold filled, links to our socials where you can share your excellent style and be featured (be sure to tag @lotusstonejewelry!), you've made it to the right place. Welcome. We're so glad you're here.


    The quality of our work and our materials is at the very foundation of Lotus Stone Jewelry. We care about handmade jewelry, inclusive sizing, and styles that know how to last and reinvent themselves year after year. To learn more about our favorite material, 14K gold filled, click below:

    What is Gold Filled?
  • SIzing help

    We are super-passionate about offering inclusive and custom sizing as much as possible. If you need to reshape your cuffs or your rings aren't comfortable, chances are we need to double check your sizing information. Click below for assistance with getting your size *just right*.


why handmade:

  • Handmade jewelry has a unique and elevated feel to it. The level of detail that we put into our metal smithing is vastly higher than mass-produced factory accessories.

  • Handsmithing in small batches reduces metal waste, excessive transport resources and time, and storage. It's a process that is inherently eco-minded.

  • Plus, hand-smithing allows for personal details, a wider range of sizes, and customization that elevates jewelry from a fun accessory to a statement.

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