Sizing Info

 What your wrist measurement is not:

  • Cuff length measurement - These vary on the same cuff between the inside and the outside. Cuff thickness will also cause inconsistencies in measurements, even between cuffs of the exact same size. 
  • Bracelet sizes and bracelet lengths - These are made for different pieces with different fits than cuffs, so we avoid these. Many jewelers refer to your bracelet size as your wrist size, so even if you're used to ordering with another brand with a measurement, please double check your actual wrist measurement to be sure. 
  • Bangle widths - Bangles need to be put on differently, and getting a cuff that is the same width as your bangle is likely to result in a cuff that is entirely too large. 


Frequent Concerns: 

I'm worried about how my cuff will fit. Can I send you a fit measurement instead:

We totally understand this one. After years of having one-size-fits-all cuffs, it can make fit feel even more important. Our cuffs are made to fit 1/4-1/2" beyond your wrist measurement and are adjustable for this very reason. Generally, if you send your wrist measurement and you are intending to wear your cuff where you've measured, your cuff can be adjusted so that the fit ranges from rather snug to as loose as it can go while still being secure on your wrist. That said, if you're concerned, please send your snug wrist measurement and then also send a measurement of exactly where/how you'd like the cuff to fit. The more info, the better we can customize your cuff to you. 

I want to give this as a surprise gift:

YESSSSS. We love surprise gifts and are happy to help. The best way to get help with sizing is to include your gift recipient's height and weight in the Notes box at checkout, or to email us with them here for an approximation in advance. 

I measured and still got the wrong size:

We totally understand. It happens. Either log into your account here and start a return from within your order, or just send us a note here. We do recommend measuring again, just in case the initial mismeasurement was due to reading the tape incorrectly. 

What about ring sizing:

The best way to size yourself for rings is to see a jeweler in person, admittedly. Keep in mind that your ring size is likely to go down in the colder months and up (slightly) in the warmer months. That said, you can use the ring sizing chart below to print an adjustable ring sizer and confirm the size of your favorite rings by lining them up with the circles. Please be sure that the doc is printing at 100% (do not scale!).  

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