Cactus Spine Ring in Silver with Moonstone

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The beauty of the moonlit desert is dramatic, and this ring is a perfect embodiment of it. I've taken a mold of a wide, ribbed spine of a compass barrel cactus and cast it in silver for a bright and modern look. It is wrapped neatly around itself to create an asymmetrical ring that features a luminous 5mm rainbow moonstone, Arizona peridot, rhodolite garnet, or blue zircon, which is tucked snugly into a bezel setting at the base of the spine.

The inside of the ring retains the spine's texture, which makes for a tactile, breathable ring. The ring is stamped with my maker's mark and "925". The spines are 5-6mm across, making the ring 10mm tall where it overlaps. The ring is not soldered in place, so it can be further resized once received. I would be delighted to customize the stone for you - just send me a note for a quote.

The silver for this ring was either recycled from from my extras or ecologically sourced.



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