Cactus Spine Silver Studs

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These sterling silver stud earrings are a perfect embodiment of the minimalist beauty of the desert. They are cast from the wide, ribbed spines of a compass barrel cactus in a brilliant silver, creating a bold earring that features the shapes and textures of the desert. Choose from bright sterling silver, which has a modern, edgy contrast to the natural shape of the earrings, or from warm, rosey golden bronze, which matches the coloration of the original spine. The spines are attached to handmade posts in sterling silver (this is for both the bronze and silver earrings).

The backside of the earrings retains their texture and are stamped with my maker's mark and, for the sterling option, "925". The earring posts/studs are sterling silver for both fronts. The spines are 5-6mm across. Earring length is 1/2", but custom lengths are available upon request.



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