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What is eco-friendly jewelry?

You're a thoughtful person. Intentional. You want to shop responsibly, but it can be difficult to do. Are you being green washed by a corporation that is just trying to look green, or have you found the real deal? Let's talk about HOW to shop for eco-friendly jewelry and then let's walk through some of the elements of eco-friendly jewelry so you know what to look for.  How to shop Shopping for eco-friendly jewelry isn't difficult, but it can feel overwhelming, especially if you're used to buying a cute little bauble during your weekly retail-therapy sesh (haven't we all?). I know I've hit the eco-friendly sweet spot when a piece of jewelry is: -Sustainably made, with as little impact on...

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All about Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are having a *moment,* aren't they? And it's no surprise. Herkimer diamonds are magical. Good quality herkimers are luminous, perfectly faceted, but filled with the charm of naturally formed minerals. But what are herkimer diamonds, exactly, and what makes them valuable? Herkimer diamonds are naturally formed quartz that are doubly-terminated and have 18 facets - they have two finished and formed points on opposite ends. This means that instead of growing off of another stone, they form naturally in materials soft enough that they are loose and free and are not damaged when they are broken off of their mother stone, as is the case with so many other gems. Lore says that this pre-formed completeness gives the...

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Lotus Stone Jewelry Featured in EcoEnclose Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

I am very excited to share with you that Lotus Stone Jewelry is featured in Eco Enclose's holiday gift guide. I'm dedicated to making jewelry in as sustainable a manner as I can. This year, I made my studio carbon negative. As always, not only is my packaging recycled and recyclable, so is the metal that I use to make my jewelry.  Their fave? The wide hammered gold cuff, which you can get your hands on here. You can check out the rest of Eco Enclose's Gift Guide here. 

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Custom Cluster Ring with December Birthstones

A client approached me looking for a ring to celebrate the birth of a third baby, but, beyond the December birthstone and an overall dainty look, they weren't sure what they wanted. I suggested that we consider using 5 stones, since they were a family of 5, all of them December birthstones to honor the new baby. December's birthstones are blue zircon, turquoise and blue topaz (and occasionally tanzanite, which we did NOT omit).  The designs that I submitted were a simple line of tiny gems, almost like an anniversary band, or a cluster ring, like the one above. So we played and sketched and photographed a million different cuts, shapes, and varieties of gemstones until it was just right,...

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COVID-19 Updates

 Hello from LSJ HQ! YES - we are fulfilling orders! The LSJ team is working remotely, isolating with their families, and following CDC guidelines. All jewelry is thoroughly washed, handled with gloves, and packaged with care, as always.  We are taking our health, the health of our families, the health of our customers and everyone’s communities seriously. We're keeping our usual production deadlines, but we're all working flexible (slightly strange) hours, so you might get emails and updates at any old hour as a result.  Take care of yourself! We're thinking of you and look forward to connecting (remotely!).  P.S. SHIPPING INFO: In general orders are being delivered without delay! That said, with the surge in delivery demand across providers (USPS, UPS, and...

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