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Custom Mother's Pendant

I was approached by one of my very dearest customers about making something special for her mom, since her mom's birthday was coming up, and then it was Mother's Day, and then it was her parent's 40th anniversary and the whole family wanted to mark such a wonderful season with something special.  She said she wanted something geometric around 1 1/2", in 14K with a certain collection of gemstones. Feminine, nothing too modern. Otherwise, she didn't want to give any other specific instructions because she wanted to see what I came up with. The photos below show my initial sketch (which she said was too round), and you can see how it grows up and lengthens. We also played around...

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Green Jewelry (Hint: I'm not talking about emeralds or patina, though I love both!)

Lotus Stone Jewelry has been getting greener every year it's existed. We've invested in recycling and recouping all of our metals; we are perfectly tedious about how we dispose of chemicals; we use recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging; we use metal that is sustainably sourced (eco-friendly); and now we've done the involved calculations to figure our carbon footprint for the year, and we doubled that amount in carbon offset purchases. Hooray! It certainly doesn't mean that our path toward a greener existence is completed - there's still so much that we're working on - but it is a big and beautiful milestone that is worthy of celebration.  Want to celebrate with us? Use the coupon code 2020GREEN5 at checkout for...

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