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PHX Art Detour

It's a quiet Sunday night here at Casa Jewelry, which is leaving me time to type, reflect, stretch and rest, and thank goodness, because I just had a fantastic, busy, excellent weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday at the Unexpected Gallery sharing my work with everyone passing through with the Art Detour. Art Detour is a city-wide celebration of art, and includes stops at established galleries as well as temporary installations and events. I was so tickled to see people showing some love to my new Botanic Collection, my amethyst specimens, and this gorgeous dentritic ring. <3<3<3 The current show at Unexpected features and supports the Neon Club at ASU, which meant art, lessons, and demonstrations in glassblowing and neon...

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Galentine's Day

Here at Casa Lotus Stone, we are big fans of Galentine's Day. I love catching up on time with girlfriends, and honoring their importance to me is a perfect way to switch up the Valentine's Day holiday. I'm hoping for a hike with my bestie, though I might try to talk my mom into a bit of shopping together... maybe after brunch! How do you celebrate the women in your life? Is it a nice meal? Gifts? A little retail therapy? 

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Gold fill, rolled gold, and gold plate answers

Shopping for gold jewelry can be fraught - once you find that perfect piece that makes you feel wonderful, you might wear it only a few times before it irritates your skin, before the plating starts to wear off, or before it tarnishes and is unrecognizable. Here's a quick primer of the types of metal used in gold and "gold" jewelry. Brass Brass, bronze, and similar lower value alloys come in a range of colors.  Brass can be polished to a bright yellow, though it oxidizes easily and tends turns orange or brown when worn. Bronze, on the other hand, has an antiqued color to it, and is frequently paired with a wide range of patinas that can change its color...

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