Coiled Ring in Gold or Silver

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This coiled ring is perfect for daily wear because of its simplicity and comfort. The band is hammered and looks like three stacking rings.  Because it coils around your finger, it has a little springiness to it, which means that it fits perfectly and comfortably.  This ring is perfect for wearing at the tips of your fingers or as a mid-finger knuckle ring – the coil gives a little bit of "grab" and you're never at risk of having the top ring be too loose while the bottom is too tight – each coil flexes for your comfort.  This ring sparkles and shines in the light because of all of the facets from the hammer strikes. Lovely, simple, and comfortable.
Wear with the ends facing up or turn them away for a stacking ring look. Each wrap is about 2mm wide, and the entire band is about 1/4? wide. If you'd prefer a ring that wraps twice, just send me a note and I'll gladly customize the ring for you.  Please include your ring size at checkout. Thank you!



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